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*After all these days…
August 19, 2008, 9:15 pm
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After all these days sitting on a whole bunch of pillows and struggling with the problem computer, I’ve managed to finish the InDesign project on time..(with a running nose and hurting back and shoulder….) I’ve been trying so hard to create something not very big but very delicate and detailed booklet, however, i think time is always the issue…

The booklet is based on poems, that someone helped me to write about colors and emotions…they are really good!!!!~i can not believe he did it within an hour…= =…all images are produced in the sake of this project…It really took me a long time to do everything…..( about…….20 hours for all images…and another 10 hours for layout adjustments??…@@…)

Hope for the best..tomorrow is a big day coz i have to print the whole thing out……more problems???sigh*..i hope not!…after tomorrow, i think i would really enjoy myself for the rest of the summer!!( i don’t mean i am quitting work…= =…)

Being frustrated a thousand of times, and almost crying that i lost some data, i am now presenting you my booklet in PDF file…(which resolution really sucks…)…




*sigh…project 2 is finally done…
August 5, 2008, 11:53 am
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having problems with my computer again..it lags like a turtle walking when i did the illustrator project..sometimes when i got frustrated with it i really wanna smash it….HOWEVER..when i think of how much money i need to get a new one…i would just forgive it for a while…

i’d been having a hard time with illustrator..this was my first time using it….there was always little small things that i missed and caused a big big problem…plus my lagging laptop really took away my confidence and patience when working..however..i did learn a lot technical things during illustrator..i guess i have to use it more often to figure out how to manage paths….@@…(maybe i am really not an organized person in some ways…= =)….

but thank got i got some help from my boyfriend in the end..=)….i couldn’t have done it without his patience with me and my poster…=)…(even the USB is his..= =…)

i was quite surprised that people actually thought my poster is strong… I know environmental problem is always crucial…(maybe that’s y i did science before…), but so does everyone else…it took me a while to decide how to present something which people already know about and familiar with, and highlight it…

the swirl tree was originally inspired by a website image, however, i could not edit that image so i had to create my own little tree….as well as the falling tree, an as well as the trunk…(does it worth more when everything is handmade??…@@)

I came up with several slogans, and i tired to make sentences not wordy but catchy enough for people to remember auotomatically…and i guess that worked well nicely…=)…

i’d been thinking if i should use color or black and white..but i decided to do the latter one …since it is about recycling and environmental damage free, i did not want to make the issue lighthearted by using color…it is an deadly issue…and also i remember Suzi said that every element in the poster counts to convey the message, so i tried to save ink by using black and white colors to make the poster stand out more and tell people more that even every drop of ink on the paper damages our environment…

i know the logo would not work that well…originally it was supposed to be a sheet of paper going into recycling process, which is indicated by the swirl, and the blue color represents recycling too….but i was having a hard time with the swirl drawing at that time before Suzi taught me to use warp tool…later on i did not have the time to change the swirl…so it did not turn out that well…

again, i thank all the people who gave opinions to my project and all the people who helped my decision making and technical problems…the project couldn’t have been done without you..=)

*old poster thoughts…
August 4, 2008, 11:53 am
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nothing much to talk about these..just randomly dropped down all the thoughts i had for this project..=)

*The Way I See It…*(Final Series Project #1)
July 23, 2008, 11:01 pm
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(…it reads from left to right….)



~~ * Dedicated to AW * ~~


p.s…I’ve been working on this sets of images very hard..every image you see is combined by several photographs. All photographs(even the butterflies!!) are taken by me or AW… All Rights Reserved…So please ask before you take any of my “kids” away…..=)…Thank You!!

*if only i could become a computer…
July 23, 2008, 9:24 pm
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sigh..i am still trying to solve the problem of uploading images to my blog…it is my stupid computer freezes every time i tried…and until now..i’ve already restarted my computer 8 times…@@…

what the heck is wrong with you!!!~~><

if only i could become a computer and upload images from my hand….= =

*Class Critics…
July 23, 2008, 7:58 pm
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Yesterday, I was having such a hard time to remember all those little options specifically for printing images in DOC. There were many things to learn from Carlos. He is such a talented guy who is willing to tell us everything he knows about. I was mostly done my images when I brought them to him, he did not do much adjustment to them. Instead, he taught me technical things like adding borders to the image with different colours, or explaining how to resize images to print out. “You can not make mistake!” “The only person you can trust in the world is yourself”…such life lesson.=)

Today, class critics was very helpful. I saw a lot of others’ works, and I had so much engagement with their works. For my own pieces, I did not get the chance to speak for myself( which was a good thing coz I am really not good at talking about my own work..)there are few things that I might put them down here so that everything is clearer to everyone.=)…

People mentioned about the red dots on the image on the right…it was a photography mistake under the sun light. I could have taken it out on photoshop. However, I hesitated when I was about to do it. It seemed awkward at first, but somehow I could see it blended with the flowers at the back, and the coordination of them works pretty well: the color, the shape and the texture.

Secondly, I purposely left the wing of the airplane on the image on the left, just to remind people that this is JUST A PHOTOGRAPH. There’s nothing perfect in the real world, and I am not trying to make things real, I am trying to make people realize what they are looking at when they see my images. I know it would feel much NORMAL to make the whole sky with clouds above, but I want to pull people back a little bit by creating the awkward integration of the airplane and the bench, so that the audience would feel less REALISTIC…Hopefully I can remind people that these are just photos been photoshoped together..They are not supposed to appear together.

Thirdly, about the main concept of these images as part of my series…people really got much more than I actually integrated in there..I am a very emotional person..I tend to make things personal with a degree of emotional engagement…even when I look at an image, I would try to connect it with any kind of emotion that I have or I assume the artist has..it is that direction..However, I will leave the real concept later until my series is revealed..=)…..

Thank you everyone for today’s critics.. It helped a lot for my future creativity..=)

Breaking down again??
July 22, 2008, 8:34 am
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sorry about no updating at all…my Tommy (lagging laptop) is breaking down…(again?….&^%$#@….)…there’s no way for me to upload pictures…(not even DOWNLOAD pictures from my camera to my computer by the way…*sigh*)…

My project is mostly done..I’ve done several editing of images..however, i only like two of them..the other ones are not really my favorite…therefore, i only printed out two and it actually took me 2 hours to do it at the DOC..@@..I will keep trying more editing after the deadline…(i think i am kinda obsessed with the printing process after yesterday…really learned a lot from Carlos…^^…thanx!)

Thanx for my lovely young guy giving out time from his crazy busy schedule and had a little PICNIC ( without food) with me at the QE park during the weekend..the sunset was super amazing and we almost forgot about the time and got a parking ticket…= =….

It did not turn out to be what i wanted…..coz I had more than i expected..=)

here are some images we took..=)….just for preview…I am sorry about all these back-views of myself…..i usually don’t like myself to be in the pictures and even I do appear on them, my face would not be shown..=P..I don’t think “oh that’s xxx in the photo” is that exciting..although it is always a nice topic to chat with friends when flipping through ppl’s facebook..=]

final series would be up by wed night…

lately…*sigh*…don’t know how to say it…Michelle(my apartment) is attacked by some aliens…=(…
I don’t want to run away..but I did..
but i am going back to fight…
and i have to win…

by the way…in addition to Wall-E…“Batman: The Dark Knight” is a must-seen too!!!~2 hours of lining up in the theater on its opening night is not wasted..=)